"Let us protect with love all that God has given us"

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Pupil Leadership

At St Joseph's we are passionate about making sure our children are heard by developing different child-led committee groups that interact with each other and our wider school community;  this whole school approach ensures that all children, parents, carers and staff are listened to.  Pupils' successes are celebrated through our awards and certificates.

Children  offer unique perspectives on what it is like to be a pupil at our school; involving them in decision-making can create meaningful change and better academic outcomes, as well as creating a sense of empowerment and inclusion. We value and respect their opinions and help facilitate appropriate changes to ensure that St Joseph's is a happy, safe and exciting place to be.

Pupils take on leadership roles in our school including being Librarians for our school library, as well as being chosen or elected to be Learning Champions, on the Eco Council or in the Catholic Social Justice Group.  We also have a Liturgy Group to support the Catholic Life of the school. 

A recent addition is our 'TUT team (Tidy Up Team) who are helping keep our school tidy and suggesting ways to ensure that our facilities and grounds are respected and cared for.  This was a pupil initiated team!