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Evidence Informed  Practices

at our school and

high quality resources

A large part of learning is changing our long term memory (whether this is skills, procedures, experiences, vocabulary or information). As we learn, we progress from remembering information, to knowing about that subject until we are able to reason with that knowledge and make links - building a schema of understanding.

As a staff, we use reseach and evidence based practice to guide our teaching practice.  On our INSET days, during our staff meetings and through continous professional development, we are looking at ways to ensure academic excellence in our teaching, based on research and high quality resources.  This then has an impact on what and how we teach.

High Quality Resources and Schemes to support our teaching and learning

RE - Diocean RE Curriculum

RSE - Ten Ten Resources

Catholic Social Teaching - Caritas in Action

Science - CUSP Curriculum*

Maths - Maths No Problem Scheme,

TT Rockstars, 

Phonics and Spelling - Sounds Write Scheme , Spelling Shed,

TTRS (touch typing and spelling)

Geography - CUSP Curriculum*

History - CUSP Curriculum* 

Art - CUSP Curriculum*

PE - Complete PE 

Latin - Minimus & Maximus Scheme 

Music - Charanga Scheme 

*CUSP - the CUSP curriculum is a high challenge curriculum which provides a framework, progression and the subject vocabulary for teaching (using Rosenshine's principles) and allows our teachers agency in delivering the subject tailored to the needs of their class.

Texts and Training  used in building our approach to Teaching and Learning


Visable Learning: Feedback - John Hattie & Shirley Clarke

Outstanding Formative Assessment - Culture and Practice - Shirley Clarke


Behaviour for Learning

When the adults change, everything changes - Paul Dix

After the Adults Change: Achievable Behaviour Nirvana - Paul Dix



Back on Track - Mary Myatt

Primary Huh and Primary Huh 2 - Mary Myatt & John Tomsett

Measuring Impact - Chris Quigley



Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction - Tom Sherrington