"Let us protect with love all that God has given us"

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“to stimulate in the pupils the openness to the other as a face, as a person, as a brother and sister to know and respect, with his or her history, merits and defects, riches and limits. The challenge is to cooperate to train young people to be open and interested in the reality that surrounds them, capable of care and tenderness” (Pope Francis, January 2018)


In line with our Catholic faith, we believe that everybody is created in the likeness of God, where everyone is loved equally for their individual gifts and talents. We aim always to nurture these gifts by offering a broad and rich curriculum where children are encouraged to respect themselves and each other regardless of their background. 

Linked below are our St Joseph’s School Accessibility Plan (incl Single Equality Objectives) and our Accessibility Plan (the link takes you to our Policies page)

Single Equality Objectives

Equality Accessibility Plan