"Let us protect with love all that God has given us"

  1. Our Curriculum
  2. Relationships & Sex Education (RSE), PSHCE and British Values

Relationships & Sex Education (RSE),

PSHCE and British Values

The tabs below, talk about the specific curriculum we use for developing children's understanding of the world around them.  Personal Development is central to our offer and is integrated into the life of the school.  If you click on this link, you will be taken to a page which outlines activities in 23-24,  they are also celebrated in our newsletters.

Relationships & Sex Education

Click here for information about our Relationships and Sex Education programme and policy.


Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education 

This is taught through a combination of subject areas and enrichment activities across the year and through the school.  It is closely linked to our Catholic Social Teaching and our RSE (see section before). 

British Values

Respect, Tolerance, Democracy, Rule of Law and Individual Liberty

We teach British Values throughout the year in the class curriculum and through our enrichment activities.