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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


Welcome to the page dedicated to our youngest learners at St Joseph's! 


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The key focus during EYFS is on teaching children routine, encouraging them to adopt a life long love of learning, enabling stable and respectful relationships and easing them into the idea of learning in a structured environment. This helps the children to get ready for beginning more formal teaching in Year One.


The four main EYFS principles that schools and practitioners work to adhere to are:


    • A Unique Child: Every child is unique and each one responds to different learning methods in different ways. Importantly, every child is capable of being strong, resilient and capable learner with the right guidance
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    • Enabling Environments: The environment in which a child learns should prompt and encourage good learning techniques. An enabling environment is one which caters to each individual child's needs and gives them the freedom to expand their knowledge and development.
    • Positive Relationships: Children should be encouraged to be strong and independent when required, forming the basis for positive relationships that they will go on to have. They should also be given the safety and security to bolster the relationships they have with those closest to them.
    • Learning and Development: By following the EYFS Seven Areas of Learning, both Prime and Specific, each child will be taught a wide range of skills to aid their physical and mental development.