"Let us protect with love all that God has given us"

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collective worship, assemblies and mass

 Collective Worship forms part of the Curriculum and takes different forms in our school.  It can be in class, as an assembly or as a Mass. 


Our children learn traditional prayers in year groups throughout the school and we use these as part of our daily acts of collective worship.


We have whole school assemblies on a Monday and Friday.  The Monday assembly is traditionally a Gospel Assembly and the Friday Assembly is a celebration of the work the children do and includes sharing and certificates.  In non-COVID times, families are invited to this assembly. Over the week each Key Stage also has an assembly.



The school currently (under COVID restrictions) attend Mass virtually at Corpus Christi, Headington.  Mass times are published in the newsletter and  families are welcome to join us for mass.


We currently try to attend Mass once a month including for days of obligation that fall in term time.