"Let us protect with love all that God has given us"

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Forest School

The Forest School initiative is an exciting educational approach, offering children regular and repeated contact with their local outdoor environment.

We at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School are blessed to have our own amazing Outdoor Learning Site and are immensely proud for having been delivering Forest School sessions over a decade now.  These take place at school as well as in Hill End.

The sessions are run by qualified Forest School leaders, who are trained in a range of practical skills and in the provision of a supportive learning environment. Children in small groups take regular visits to a small woodland area behind the school where they spend either a morning or an afternoon completing a variety of activities, engaging with nature.

Our Forest School sessions support individual learning styles, initiate children to follow their interests, develop their own ideas at their own pace and allow them to develop their confidence, self-esteem, social and investigative skills, improve their stamina whilst exploring their natural environment.




Mrs Wermeser is our dedicated Forest School Teacher