29th October 2018 - Term starts at 9am

22nd - 26th October 2018 - Half Term

19th October 2018 - Finishing at 3.10pm for half term

11th October 2018 - School Photographer in for Individual photo's

9th October 2018 - School France Trip Meeting at 3.30pm in

Sealyham update - 5th October 2018

Yesterday was a fun day making dens, sadly the week has come to an end and the children are packed for the journey back to Oxford this afternoon.  The estimate time of arrival for the coach at St Joseph's is 5pm this afternoon.

4/10/2018 - Sealyham

The children have had a good night's sleep and were up bright and breezy.  The children are looking forward to the presentation evening and disco tonight.

3/10/2018 - Sealyham update

Mrs Tomkys has arrived this afternoon at Sealyham.  All the children are fine and happy, ready for this afternoons activity, some of the children have seen seals!

2/10/2018 - Sealyham Update

All is well at Sealyham, the children are out and enjoying the activities.

1/10/2018 - Years 5 & 6 have arrived safely at Sealyham this afternoon